Golf Access is a new scoring system for Golf, designed to be played from a shortened course to ensure newer Golfers have an enjoyable experience on the course.

There are 9 different levels to work through, progressing to the next level as soon as they obtain the band score or better. You can only move up 1 band at a time and to do this you will need to enter our Academy Events as getting out on the course within a weekly lesson is difficult due to time constraints.

When each level has been achieved, Juniors are presented with a wrist band and certificate in recognition of their progression through the programme.

The Course Rules/Setup

  • Maximum of 10 shots per hole.
  • 3 shots maximum in a bunker, then pick the ball up and place to the side, not nearer the hole.

Hole Distances

Par 3 - Under 150 Yards
Par 4 - 150-200 Yards
Par 5 - 200-250 Yards


MAROON - Starter level
AMBER - Score of 14-15 over par for 3 holes
AQUA - Score of 13 over par or better for 3 holes

NAVY - Score of 21-22 over par for 6 holes
VIOLET - Score of 19-20 over par for 6 holes
SCARLET - Score of 18 over par or better for 6 holes

CHARCOAL - Score of 22-24 over par for 9 holes
EMERALD - Score of 19-21 over par for 9 holes
PLATINUM - Score of 18 over par or better for 9 holes

For those that have already played in our events, we will put you in at the level you have consistently achieved on the course.

When playing in our events to try and move up to the next band, the Golf Access system also allows us to group competitors by bands in the ROOKIE CATEGORY

Once you have completed Golf Access, you can then move on to Golf Access + with the following levels:


MAROON - a club handicap of 54
AMBER - a club handicap of 51
AQUA - a club handicap of 48
NAVY - a club handicap of 46
VIOLET- a club handicap of 44
SCARLET - a club handicap of 42
CHARCOAL - a club handicap of 40
EMERALD - a club handicap of 38
PLATINUM - a club handicap of 36

Once you have completed Golf Access + keep working to get that handicap down in various Junior Opens.