Although Golf is an individual game, we want our Junior Golfers to feel part of a team.

So many of our Juniors have stretched themselves this year by playing on some tough courses in various Junior Opens. The main reason they’ve thrown themselves in the deep end...because their friends were doing it. It was simply a chance to spend a day with their mates! 

Sure, as parents we might look at them in a lesson and think “Concentrate for goodness sake, stop talking and concentrate.” Whilst we agree that taking during their shot isn’t ideal, if we want them to enjoy their Golf for much longer it’s hugely important that they’re able to build friendships and we’ve been fortunate enough to watch so many develop.

However, our goal is for everyone to know everyone. No matter what age, gender or ability. 

So...especially for our Junior Members...we’re introducing some new Social Events. These will mainly be team competitions with a small prize giving after to enable the Juniors to make noise and be children following their round.

Keep checking back for events and feel free to get in touch with suggestions.

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