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We encourage "competition" early on as we feel it adds purpose to coming to the lessons.  Ability isn't important as we have a number of rules in place for all of the different levels of Golfer.  

How to Enter

To enter a competition, you can book & pay online.  Entries generally close 7 days prior to the competition with tee-times posted online around 5 days before. 


Individual Events: £5 for FFGC Members, £10 for Non FFGC Members

Parent/Child Events: £10 Per Pair for FFGC Members, £15 Per Pair for Non FFGC Members

To become a FFGC Junior Member, it costs just £5pm on top of your Academy Subs


There's always a big debate on this?  We want our competitions to be light hearted so are happy for Parents to walk round with their child.  However to ensure the enjoyment of their child & playing partners, we have compiled a little Parent's Guide:

  • Please do not coach your child around the'll end in frustration, they won't learn anything for themselves, it annoys playing partners and don't forget...we've seen most of you play!
  • Try and get them to make decisions for themselves...they learn better from their own mistakes and will be less likely to blame you!  Feel free to remind them to keep up with play though!
  • If...sorry...when they have a bad hole/shot, they don't need you to tell them...they will know it.  You'll be frustrated on the inside, so just smile through gritted teeth and say "never mind!"
  • Keep a stash of sweets...if they have a bad hole, chuck them a fruit works a treat for us.
  • Don't forget, how they play in these competitions has no bearing on their future in Golf.  However, how parents react & behave will impact their feelings about it.


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