We've been coaching Golf in Schools across Dorset for over 15 years.  Using their School Sports Premium Funding, we have been able to use curriculum time to enable over 500 children per week an opportunity to learn a new skill that they might not have been able to do.  

Benefits of Golf

  • Provides a good introduction to hitting and striking as neither the participant nor the ball are moving.
  • Does not necessarily require athletic ability and can therefore be used to engage with semi-sporty or non-sporty children.
  • Enables children of mixed abilities to easily participate together.
  • Provides opportunities for pupils to apply their numeracy and literacy skills in PE.
  • Places a strong emphasis on life skills such as honesty, respect, cooperation and leadership, which can help schools develop the whole person in their pupils.

What we do

The sessions normally take place over a 6 week block (or a half term), where the children will take part in various golfing activities which will include fun warm up games, putting, chipping and the full swing.  This will give the child enough knowledge to enable them to continue in their own time at any of the local Golf Facilities. 

During the final week, the children normally take part in a Mini Golf Festival, where various stations are put together, incorporating the skills learnt over the previous weeks.  The size of Intra-School Festival is dependant on the size of the school.  Sessions can be adjusted to suit any Year Group from Reception to Year 6. 

For further enquiries please call Darren "Deej" Stratman on 07375 488089 or email