Thanks to all those that have signed up for our First Matchplay Leagues…here’s some details.

Tees: Everyone is to play from the Winter mats.

Format: 9 Hole Matchplay.  This is the format used in the Ryder Cup where you’re playing against an opponent rather than the course.

For example:

  • If Player 1 wins the 1st Hole they go 1 up.
  • If Player 1 Wins the 2nd Hole they go 2 up.
  • If Player 2 Wins the 3rd Hole the score goes back to 1 up.
  • If they draw the 4th Hole, this is called a halve and the score stays at 1 up to Player 1
  • The match is over when one player is more holes u than there are left to play. So if they are 3 up with 2 left to play the final result is 3&2

Handicaps:  Work out the difference in between handicaps of each Golfer and divide by 2 as we’re only plsying 9 holes.  It’s then 3/4 of the difference.  This is where you’ll refer to the scorecard for something called the SI (Stroke Index)  This is the difficulty of the hole with SI 1 being the hardest and SI 18 being the easiest.

For example:

  • If Player 1’s Handicap is 36 and Player 2’s Handicap is 44, 8 is the difference then divide by 2 as it’s only 9 holes (4).  3/4 of 4 is 3 so Player 2 will get 1 shot taken of their score on the 3 Hardest Holes (3 Holes with the lowest SI’s over the 9 Holes being played)

Arranging Games: These matches are to be played by 31st March.  If you haven’t got someone’s contact number, please get in touch with me or contact me to allow numbers to be shared with each Player in the group.

Results: Please text me the results after they happen so I can update the tables. A Win is worth 3 Points, Halve is worth 2 Points, Loss is worth 1 Point.

Parent’s Guide: This is always an awkward subject when it comes to matches/competitions for the Children.  However, I do prefer to tackle things head on!  Please remember that these league’s have been put together to get Parent’s/Children to know each other.  Yes I want to create some fantastic Golfers but the Juniors do well whilst they’re enjoying it, so please refrain from coaching in a match (or any competition) and try to avoid “moaning” at your child.  I appreciate that this may raise a few eyebrows whilst parent’s are reading this but unfortunately it happens (and I’m guilty too!)  It’s off-putting for children playing with you and quite simply, this is the reason why many talented Golfers stop playing.

Rules: Airshots now count as a shot.  If you lose a ball, you have t go back to where you played the last shot from at a shot penalty OR if you’re unsure if you might find your ball when you’ve hit it, play a “Provisional Ball” If your first one is lost (and remember you only have 3 minutes to look for it as of January 2019) then your Provisional Ball is in play with a 1 shot penalty.

If you’re unsure of any rules, please make a decision between you and once it’s done, it’s done.  It might not always be the correct one but I don’t want late night phone calls with complaints about rules decisions!!


So…here’s the groups:


Thomas WindsorAaron FramptonSamuel WhittleNathan Haywood
Thomas WindsorX1
Aaron Frampton3X
Samuel WhittleX
Nathan HaywoodX


Harrison GrahamDaniel ParkerSam SetonJosh Harvey
Harrison GrahamX11
Daniel Parker3X1
Sam SetonX
Josh Harvey33X


Scarlett PhillipsConnie EvansLuiz PhillipsHugh SanfordCara Coulson
Scarlett PhillipsX333
Connie Evans1X1
Luiz Phillips13X2
Hugh Sanford2X
Cara Coulson1X


Leah AlnerImmie StratmanRocco TollConnor Burdett
Leah AlnerX
Immie StratmanX
Rocco TollX
Connor BurdettX


Archie MailerAlfie WheelerJessica StainerMillie OrrLilly-Mae Jones
Archie MailerX21
Alfie WheelerX32
Jessica Stainer21X33
Millie Orr1X1
Lilly-Mae Jones3213X


Alex HarrisonLucas DarlingEthan MagillEthan Windsor
Alex HarrisonX
Lucas DarlingX33
Ethan Magill1X3
Ethan Windsor11X


William AlnerNatalie StainerJenny CharlwoodJack TurnerJack Isaacs
William AlnerX1
Natalie Stainer3X311
Jenny Charlwood1X1
Jack Turner33X3
Jack Isaacs31X